The Truth About Trust

It is the most important thing there is and yet hard to define

Without trust, nothing else matters. Period.

When asked, we all probably have different definitions.

In his book The Healthy Company, author Robert Rosen argues that there are five characteristics of trustworthiness. How many resonate with you?

  1. Credibility: The quality and believability of your word.
  2. Dependability: Doing what you said you would do (without exception unless clearly explaining why; to not do so leads to indifference and potential conflict).
  3. Predictability: Being consistent in ensuring open communications and following the idea that no one likes surprises.
  4. Valuing the Common Good: Demonstrating the ability to put aside self-interest for the good of the team, customer, community, etc.
  5. Emotional Safety: Valuing everyone’s health (physical and emotional), self-image and belief systems with compassion and wisdom.

Next time you are pondering trustworthiness (yours or someone else’s), you may be well served to consider all of the possibilities.

Trust me. It will be worth it.

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